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Learn more about AIB

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Gift Tins

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In keeping with our promise to do it better, Surratt Farms allows customers to custom design their own Gift Tins. You choose the tin and the contents and each tin is made to order, fresh and exactly the way you order it, guaranteed.

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Surratt Farms - Warm Wishes Pecan Gift Tin
Warm Wishes

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Surratt Farms - Warm Wishes Pecan Gift Tin

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Reflective Holly

Surratt Farms - Warm Wishes Pecan Gift Tin
Grist Mill Wishes

Surratt Farms - Red Bow Pecan Gift Tin
Red Bow

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Surratt Farms - Homestead Winter Pecan Gift Tin
Homestead Winter

Surratt Farms - Santa's Treat Pecan Gift Tin
Santa's Treat

Surratt Farms - Don't Stop Now Pecan Gift Tin
Don't Stop Now


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Welcome and thank you for visiting our site. I would like to take this opportunity to share a little about our operation and what makes our pecans just a little better than the rest.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us immediately because at Surratt Farms your satisfaction is guaranteed. More...

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2010 NEW CROP!!!
News Flash!!!!
Checkout our brand new Wholesale Catalog. Truck load volume pricing only with a thirty pound minimum order! Discover what Sun Valley Quality is all about. Browse our Wholesale Catalog area today and save!

Shipping news
Once again we have made your Internet purchases with Surratt Farms better. We now do all of shipping with United Parcel Service. This means lower shipping rates, and much improved shipping service for our customers. We have lowered our shipping rates over 20% across the board!!!

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Need to purchase large volumes of pecans?

Visit This is our wholesale area where we offer size and grade explanations, and USDA standards. You will also find email links for our wholesale division. Pecans being a commodity, make for constantly fluctuating prices, so an email or a toll free call is required for up to date pricing.
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Would you like to receive 2 pounds of our fancy mammoth halves free?
Click here for details
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Gold Gift Tins

Elegant Solid Gold Gift Tins

How About
Chocolate Coated Pecans
Roasted and Salted Pecans
Cinnamon Flavored Pecans
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